Client Reviews

"I would emphatically recommend HPC for any athlete! Our family has been delighted with the results that our 11-year-old daughter has achieved in just 3 short months. We have seen noticeable improvement in her strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and flexibility. More importantly, her attitude toward her physical training and confidence in her physical ability have really blossomed--she looks forward to her workouts and thrives on the challenges provided in this positive atmosphere. Her physical confidence has grown considerably, and she approaches fitness challenges with better mental and physical strength.

The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable in the best practices of physiology, kinesiology, and physical training, and they create an environment that is goal-oriented, achievement-focused, supportive, and fun. HPC's emphasis on form, technique, and balance training have helped our daughter understand injury-prevention and given her a solid technical foundation for lifelong fitness. While we initially chose HPC for an off-season training supplement, we have been so impressed by the positive outcome of the program that this will be a year-round activity to support our daughter's fitness, athletic achievement, and long-term well-being.

Unlike "one size fits all" training programs, HPC creates customized workouts for each athlete's sport, position, physical ability, and age. Workouts are new and different each day, which prevents boredom and gives our daughter something to learn or develop in each visit. Even when our child attended HPC with her teammates, every athlete had a workout that was thoughtfully prepared just for him or her. They have equipment to support a wide rage of fitness goals, but the coaches use their knowledge, professional expertise, and personal skill to determine the activities that will be most beneficial for our child.

Perhaps what I most appreciate about HPC is that the staff has a real talent for working with young athletes. They demonstrated genuine concern and caring about our daughter's improvement and offered motivation, support, and feedback in a way that really reached her. They promote superior safety and discipline in their facility while maintaining a fun and happy culture, and they use their position of influence to encourage the adoption of positive health behaviors, including dietary, sleeping, and injury risk prevention habits."

Sarah Villanueva
Hockey Player Parent

"Training at HPC really helps to keep me in shape during the off-season. I see improvements in my game because of the sport specific workouts HPC designs for me. I've been training here throughout my entire college career before getting drafted and playing professionally. The coaches really help to push me to be ready and in the best possible shape for when the season comes back around. That's why I keep coming back."

Daniel Wasinger
AZ Diamondbacks

"Years of wear and tear in the Army left me needing surgery for a torn ACL and damaged meniscus in my right knee. After surgery, the Army provided a poor excuse for physical therapy, and while I did recover to the point of walking without crutches, there was a lot to be desired. Enter HPC. At the recommendation of a friend, I took a drive down to HPC and was set up (same day) for a general evaluation of my fitness. At the conclusion of that test, the coaches described to me what a post-rehabilitation regimen would entail. Through their knowledge of their trade and an unrivaled professionalism, I went from being nearly invalid to now preparing for a football tryout at a division 1 university. If I could only say one thing about HPC it would be this: Therapy got me walking, HPC got me running. "

Martin Salgado,
Veteran US Army Paratrooper

Andres Gomez Eastwood Trooper Varsity Football and Track

"Great staff...great program...great results!!! I can honestly say the trainers are there to help you reach your goals, with the goal of pushing you to be the best you can be....thanks guys!!!"

Andres Gomez
Eastwood High School Varsity Football and Track

Ashley Hernandez

"HPC helped me gain the needed endurance and strength the sport of swimming demands. My improvement from my sophomore year to my junior year was outstanding thanks to the awesome, educated coaches of HPC. I owe my accomplishments such as Female Swimmer of the Year at Eastwood High School to the wonderful work they do with us athletes."

Ashley Hernandez
Eastwood High School Swimming

M.N. Emeton

"Throughout the course of my college career playing football and track at UTEP, HPC has helped me become a more versatile and dynamic athlete. They have helped me work on perfecting my technique in certain things and the things that I have perfected before hand, they managed to help me break my threshold and become more explosive and conditioned for whatever sport I am currently participating in. HPC is part of the reason why I have obtained multiple weight room records in 2 sports at UTEP, gained the chance to run at the NCAA West Preliminary track meet, and got this opportunity for a chance to participate with the Arizona Rattlers."

M.N. Emeton