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Athletic Performance: Programs that are tailor made to each individual's sport, training level, and age. Our programs are designed to develop muscular strength and fundamental motor skills through a combination of strength training, agility, plyometric, and speed training. Along with athletic development, programs include injury prevention to keep athletes performing at high levels.

Youth Development: With a sports oriented focus, our youth development programs build a solid foundation of proper technique and progressively develop the younger athlete to reach the NEXT LEVEL and build a strong work ethic.

General Fitness: Every individual is different so is your workout! Whether your goal is general fitness, building muscle, or staying in shape, Human Performance Center has you covered. Each program is individualized improve quality of life, mental and physical well-being, and crush your goals. The body is made to move, let us help you do it!

Tactical: Trying to get ready for a physical test but don't know where to start? Trying to stay in shape to keep up with the demands of the job? Our programs are developed with field preparedness and physical testing parameters at its core. Each workout is designed to challenge and push individuals to ensure that they are able to meet the requirements of their field.

Post-Rehabilitation: Our programs help individuals who are not quite "100%" continue to progress and build off of their therapy to return to full go in their sport or work place.