About Us

Human Performance Center | El Paso TX

Human Performance Center is a different training environment because we create individualized-training based on scientific principles programs for every athlete. We focus on the circle of athletism: biomechanics, injury prevention, balance, speed, agility, endurance, power, and strength. We take multiple things into consideration when designing an athlete’s program, their sport, position, outside training schedules, and injury history.

HPC has a number of resources not seen anywhere else in El Paso including vibration plate training and high speed treadmills.

Vibration plate training is incorporated in our programs because it recruits more muscle fibers per movement. Vibration plate training activates smaller stabilizing muscles which may not be recruited when doing the same exercises on land. In addition the vibrations traveling through the body during movements, attempts to move the body out of balance, forcing the athlete to compensate with core muscles resulting in improved balance and coordination. No athlete competes on a stable surface; vibration plate training prepares an athlete to react to any changes in force or direction they may encounter during competition.

Human Performance Center | El Paso TX

Our high speed treadmill is the only one currently in use in El Paso. It is capable of reaching speeds up to 32 miles per hour. It also has the capability to unload the athlete. All athletes are strapped into a harness for safety and support. With the unloading capability we first assess an athlete’s gait, correcting any deficits which may prevent them from reaching their full capability. Once their gait is corrected we move on to over speed training. Athletes will be running at faster speeds than they are capable of moving on land. This trains the neuromuscular system to react faster translating to increase speed and agility on the field.

All of our coaches are strength and conditioning specialist, holding degrees in fields of science, such as exercise physiology, kinesiology, and athletic training. We work as a team to ensure every aspect of an athlete’s program is of the highest quality