Enhance Your Training Experience

All programs are designed by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

Programs are designed focusing on all areas of athleticism: speed, agility, power, strength, endurance, flexibility, injury risk reduction, and recovery.

All HPC clients have access to Border Therapy Physical Therapists in the event of an injury in or out of our facility.

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Welcome to the
Human Performance Center

Here at HPC we design our programs to fit the specific demands of the sport or career and tailor each program further to fit the specific desires of each client. All clients are initially evaluated to determine what level to begin, along with strengths and weaknesses. They are then re-evaluated every three months to ensure the effectiveness of their program and how they are adapting to the different training stimuli. All programs are designed to improve overall athleticism. Areas focused depending on the client’s needs are: speed, agility, power, strength, endurance, core, balance, flexibility, injury risk reduction, and recovery. Each session will be adapted based on the client’s outside training schedule and current well being. All of our coaches hold a minimum bachelors degree in a sports science related field such as athletic training, exercise physiology, exercise and sport science, human movement science, or kinesiology.

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Highlighted Areas

Speed Training/

We use high-speed treadmills to train the neuromuscular system of our clients. Over-speed multi-directional training will help improve acceleration, sprint times, change of direction speed, and lateral footwork speed.

Injury Risk

There is always an assumed risk when participating in any activity. Here at HPC we utilize scientifically proven dynamic movements to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility to lessen a client’s risk of injury. Clients are taught better jump takeoff and landing mechanics, which will help reduce the chance of ankle and knee injuries. Overhead athletes are taught rotator cuff and scapula stabilization exercises to help minimize shoulder injury chance.


A client’s core is the foundation for every movement made. Every exercise we incorporate into our programs will activate the core to help improve stability, balance, strength, power, and speed.